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The Provincial Archives of Åland are the archives of the autonomous province of Åland in Finland.
We are usually associated with the storing of historical source material and with making it accessible. Our work includes all types of handling of records. Hence it is also our task to lead and develop the document handling in the public administration of the Province of Åland – as well as promoting the use of the archives.
Our activities also include the maintenance of the archives belonging to the state of Finland pertaining to Åland. Also older archives from parishes and rural districts are stored at the Provincial Archives of Åland. Documents from associations, businesses, foundations, individuals, farms and village communities are also to be found at the Provincial Archives of Åland. These documents constitute a priceless part of the cultural heritage and hence need to be preserved for posterity.
The Provincial Archives of Åland has a large library focussing on the history of the Åland Islands. There is also a wide selection of genealogical books.
On our website there is information on our mission, what archives we keep and what services we offer.
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